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At the eve of America’s maximum victory within the Pacific, a catastrophic occasion disrupts the process international struggle II, ceaselessly altering the principles of wrestle. . . . The very unlikely has spawned the unthinkable. an army scan within the 12 months 2021 has thrust an American-led multinational armada again to 1942, correct into the center of the U.S. naval activity strength dashing towards halfway Atoll—and what was once to be the main miraculous U.S. triumph of the total warfare. millions died within the chaos, however the ripples had purely started. For those veterans of Pearl Harbor—led through Admirals Nimitz, Halsey, and Spruance—have by no means noticeable a helicopter, or a satellite tv for pc hyperlink, or a nuclear weapon. And they’ve by no means encountered an African American colonel or a British naval commander who was once a lady and half-Pakistani. whereas they embody the armada’s outstanding firepower, they might locate the twenty-first century sailors themselves faraway from acceptable.Initial jubilation at information the Allies could win the struggle is readily doused through the chilling awareness that the time tourists themselves—by their very presence—have rendered heritage null and void. social gathering turns to dread whilst the prospect arises that different components of the twenty-first century activity strength could have additionally made the trip—and may now be helping Yamamoto and the Japanese.What occurs subsequent is anybody’s guess—and everybody’s nightmare. . . .

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