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By Laura Bynum

While LANGUAGE IS a criminal offense, in basic terms the reality CAN SET YOU loose.

Harper Adams used to be six years outdated in 2012 while an act of viral terrorism burnt up one half the country’s inhabitants. Out of the ashes rose a brand new executive, devoted to retaining order at any expense. The population is managed through government-sanctioned intercourse and medicine, a brutal police strength often called the Blue Coats, and the slate, a compulsory implant that screens each be aware someone speaks. To utter a forbidden, purple indexed notice is to threat actual punishment or perhaps demise.

But there are those that withstand. Guided by way of the fabled “Book of Noah,” they're decided to shake the folks from their apathy, and are ready to begin a warfare within the identify of freedom. the latest member of this resistance is Harper—a lady pushed through thoughts of a daughter misplaced, a daughter whose very identify used to be erased via the crimson record. and he or she possesses an influence which may make her the underground warriors’ final weapon—or the device in their destruction.

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I think of Lucille and of our "incident" in Mr. Mitchell's class. "Sometimes I can see things written in their energy. " "How about astral travel--" "Excuse me," the man's voice erupts over some hidden intercom. "Sentient Baumfree, this Potential wouldn't know that term. " Sentient Baumfree leans back and rubs at her eyes. When she leans forward again, her mascara is smeared. "Have you ever felt like you've been out of your body when you were sleeping? Or maybe even when you weren't sleeping?

If there's anyone here who has misunderstood the nature of this exercise and would like to exit the line and return to class, please say so now . " She steps back and waits patiently for Servina to blink. Christ. I know Servina well enough to know she's not going to back down. No matter how afraid she is, or maybe because of it. I open my mouth to ask permission to speak and Sentient Baumfree aims a pointed finger my way. " Servina shouts into the Sentient's turned ear. The rest of us are riveted to our spots.

Up on the screen, the criminals' confused faces shone pale. We watched them from the bleachers and the gym floors. When Press Secretary read their codes, impossible numbers such as 550 and 917, we turned to one another with question-mark faces. Murder by being shot? And what about the ones who didn't die from their wounds? Would it really be death by beheading? We looked around at our teachers, who would not return our stares. On the screen, Press Secretary Johnson explained that the government had allowed enough loose talk of our founding father.

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