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She turned to David with a look of consternation. “I cannot return with you, George. ” David studied Paula and her brother as they faced him. They both seemed vastly uncomfortable in their surroundings. No doubt Vauxhall Gardens was a place neither of them frequented. ” David smiled wryly as Paula sighed with relief. “George, please escort your sister back. ” Paula shyly offered her thanks to David. Then she and George hastily said their goodbyes to Vivian. In a matter of moments, David was left alone on the pathway with his mysterious companion.

I have missed you so much, my dear! ” Alluring, beautiful and voluptuous, Jane Boots hugged Vivian fiercely in return. It was late morning and her hair was still unbound. Her long, sandy blonde tresses flowed down to her waist. She wore no chemise and her ample breasts with dark, red nipples strained against the thin white muslin gown she put on while relaxing in her room. She released her friend and stood back to study her. Vivian was definitely fresh from the country and green to be sure. But she had full, ruby red lips that were ripe for kissing and a body that was made for sex.

Come, my dear. ” Vivian shifted her stance and lowered her chin to briefly make contact with David’s reassuringly firm chest. Then she raised her head, faced forward and began to retrace her steps to the Grand Walk. She gently squeezed David’s muscular forearm. “As you will, my lord. ” “I cannot be certain how powerful my message was as yet, my dear. ” David paused as they reached the entrance to the gardens. A burly young man stepped out into the walkway just as a succession of lights flashed brightly above the treetops, signaling the completion of the firework display for the evening.

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