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Paul had wanted at least a college graduate: “someone with a little class,” he had told her. One of the many charities Angelique was involved with helped find jobs and homes for people displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Tasha didn’t have much experience in the workforce, no family, and no prospects. She could type well and had taken diction classes in high school, so Angelique decided to get her a job here. No one else was going to take a chance on the woman if she didn’t gain some experience. Angelique had begged until Paul relented, agreeing to hire her on a trial basis.

The simple what had come out as some kind of declaration. She melted just a little, waiting to see what he would say next. “Look,” Thierry sighed over the phone. “I just want to see you, spend some time with you. ” she asked, afraid of the answer. “That’s up to you, sweetheart,” he told her. ” She couldn’t help but sound skeptical. She wanted to get to know him, but she was afraid. Afraid of what he would want from her, and even more afraid of what she might want from him. ” His voice dipped into a sexy growl, making her heart flutter.

God how she wanted to say, No, you aren’t saying anything worth listening to. Instead an apology sprung to her lips without thought. “I am sorry, Mama. ” “I said you should go down to the office and see if Paul would like to have lunch with you today. It would be a pleasant surprise and you two have rarely been seen out in public since the engagement announcement. You really should more effort into this relationship; I don’t see how you even got him to propose with the way you act. I will 10 make a hair appointment for next week with Irene.

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