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By Charles De Lint

While the quiet and accountable Leonard dealer and the wild and reckless Johnny Devlin get up in every one other's our bodies, dealer is left to aim to patch jointly Devlin's shattered and hopeless lifestyles.

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TRADER 41 Jilly gave her a considering look, touched with a dreamy wistfulness. " Jilly nodded. "Well, I suppose I would," Zeffy said. "Only, it wouldn't be real, would it? " "You'd gain experience. " Jilly smiled. " "I don't mean according to the laws of this world," Jilly said. "I mean ac­ cording to one's own inner laws—the beliefs by which we live our lives. " "Okay," Zeffy said. "I see your point. " Jilly cried. " Zeffy laughed. "Let me ask you this: If you meet someone you know, and they don't know you anymore .

She was slender, with a thick tangle of brown hair often piled carelessly on the top of her head, and pale blue eyes, electric as sapphires. A half-inch or so shorter than Zeffy, she was an en­ chanting combination of diminutive flower fairy and street gamine. She was also a fairly successful artist, showing up for work half the time with paint all dried on her fingers or speckled in her hair, and she'd been at Kathryn's forever, or so it sometimes seemed. Zeffy could remember seeing her there when she and Tanya were still attending nearby Butler University.

So I stand there, accepting her disapproval in silence. Fi­ nally, she shakes her head, speaking a volume of censure in that simple movement. Taking Tanya by the arm, she leads her off down the hall. I watch them go. Not until they've turned at the stairwell and are lost from sight do I step back inside the apartment. Well, I think as I close the door. That went really well, didn't it? 6 ZEFFY By the time Zeffy got her down the stairs and outside Johnny's building, tears were streaming down Tanya's cheeks and she was shaking so hard that she couldn't walk on her own.

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