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To give some slight substance to current optimism, behind the chatter of reform there was even some hint of real reform. Louis XV. had shrugged his shoulders and remarked, with commendable penetration, " Après mot le déluge" but with the advent of his successor it seemed, for a short time, as if the clouds had lifted. There was increase in general prosperity, particularly in the great cities, a certain activity in public works ; a network of fine main roads was being constructed by forced peasant labour, roads which greatly excited the admiration of Arthur Young in 1788, until he observed that there was hardly any traffic on them, and wondered whether shoeless peasants really required such magnificent causeways.

The notion of 4 elements, which, by the variety of their proportions, compose all the known substances in nature, is a mere hypothesis, assumed long before the first principles of experimental philosophy or of chemistry had any existence. In those days, without possessing facts, they framed systems ; while we, who have collected facts, seem determined to reject even these, when they do not agree with our prejudices. The authority of the fathers of human philosophy still carries great weight, and there is reason to fear that it will even bear hard on generations ,, yet to come.

S o L a v o i s i e r , at the a g e o f t w e n t y - e i g h t , envisaged his life w o r k . H e i m m e d i a t e l y set o u t to re-investigate t h e w h o l e 1 " It is truly painful," remarks Brougham in a characteristic footnote in his " L i v e s of Philosophers and M e n of Letters in the Eighteenth Century,'' a work dedicated to the Prince Consort, " to find the determination of French writers never to take the trouble of giving the names of foreigners with any accuracy. Lavoisier always calls Stahl either Stalh or Sthal, and never once gives his right n a m e .

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