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By Faith Erin Hicks, J. Torres

One other weekend at Grammy's, one other weekend of Rufus utilizing his magic totem to remodel himself into Bigfoot Boy! but if you're titanic, bushy and loud, it's difficult to maintain your powers a mystery, specifically while there are trickster ravens that wish the magic for themselves. You won't are looking to omit this moment rrrawesome event of Bigfoot Boy and his acquaintances!

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Then your friend is doomed! My condolences! No … wait … … follow me! I said, there’s no time to waste! If you want to save the squirrel … I think he’s on to you, Talon. Kids these days are smarter, harder to fool. I know what I’m doing, Arella! Watch, I have another trick under my wing. Slow down! You’re going too fast! I said, wait up … Wait uuuuuuuup … ! Ow. Give me the totem, and I’ll help you get out of there. This is your last chance. Give us the totem, boy! Aurora was right! You are liars and cheats!

You know, no one’s ever told me why he was called “Aggie” … when his real name was John! It’s actually short for Angry Boy, a nickname from when he was a child. I don’t know how they came up with Aggie, but it stuck! Grammy … have you seen the remote? 1, 2, 3, 4 … … 5, 6 … …7… … 8! He hides it under his clothes. Are you sure he has the totem? We should just snatch it from him. He’s only a boy. A boy who can turn into a big, red, bearlike creature! Oh, I’m sure we can find a way to trick him into giving it to us.

I’ve heard other animals say he is magical! I’ve heard that, too! His powers come from a totem. A totem anyone can get their claws on with a little trickery! Maybe we can use the totem to find food! Or play tricks on the farmer who chases us from his fields! Magic tricks! Let’s get that totem! Make the totem ours! Saturday … Grammy … do you think ravens are bad omens? Well, there’s a rhyme I learned about them when I was a little girl … One for sadness. Two for mirth. Three for marriage. Four for birth.

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