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By N. E. Bode

There's a urban underneath ny urban, one made by means of and for Anybodies. There you will find Bing Chubb's Ballpark, Willy Fattler's ever–changing Underground lodge, and a fort whose spire sticks up into the dirt–filled sky...dangerously just about the rear ends of unsuspecting picnic–goers in principal Park. it is a unprecedented position, however it is at risk of turning into usual due to the nefarious Blue Queen. anyone has to forestall her, and if anyone goes to, no one is best than everybody's favourite anyone. In her 3rd quirky experience, Fern takes at the greatest, baddest, bluest opponent ever. Yikes!

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Instead you let Mrs. F-luggery make a fool of herself! You all wanted to be better than Mrs. F-luggery. You wanted to humiliate her. ” She grabbed her chest, pulled out her nitroglycerin tablets and put one under her tongue. Lucess Brine said ever so quietly—so quietly that Mrs. Fluggery must have imagined it was her very own thought—“Poisoned by. . ” And Mrs. Fluggery’s eyes searched the kids as she finished Lucess Brine’s sentence. “Fern,” Mrs. Fluggery said. Howard closed his eyes. He couldn’t bear to see it.

Keep in mind that Fern had transformed books from the imagined to the real—paintings, too. She’d helped her father, with the sheer force of love, to change from the shape of a record player into his real, true form. She herself had turned into a grizzly bear to save a friend. But she’d never done any transformations of any kind from sheer anger. This was the first. Mrs. Fluggery jerked her head up, as if trying to see her own stiff monument of hair. Fern looked at her hair too. It was as it had been earlier, the shape of the humpbacked pony not quite there.

Vice Principal Wattley, however, seemed like he was prepared to stay. He’d decorated his office elaborately; he’d bought a souped-up wooden rolltop desk with carved lion’s feet and flanked by potted ferns. There were so many ferns that the place had a transplanted jungle feel. Fern, herself, felt like a very small fern in a sea of ferns. Bookcases, yes, but they were filled with cardboard displays of books— the kind you see in discount furniture stores. Vice Principal Wattley had already called and talked to Dorathea and the Bone, as well as the Drudgers.

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