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By William Dietrich

American adventurer Ethan Gage slightly escaped along with his existence from murderous thieves, survived a hectic sea voyage and the lethal Egyptian sands while connected to Napoleon's military, and solved a five-thousand-year-old riddle with the aid of a mysterious medallion. yet that used to be kid's play . . . The 12 months is 1799. As Bonaparte's military descends upon Israel, motive upon conquest, Ethan Gage reveals himself embroiled in an historical secret within the Holy Land, looking for a mythical Egyptian scroll imbued with impressive powers. The brave and ingenious Gage needs to continue the mysterious record from his enemy, Napoleon—or, failing that, wrest it from him, no matter if it ability pursuing his vengeful adversary again to France. And the knowledge of his nice mentor, Benjamin Franklin, will provide Gage no solace may still Bonaparte reach unlocking the negative secrets and techniques of the ebook of Thoth—for whoever masters its magic will rule the realm.

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Its streets are a labyrinth leading to the towers, mosques, synagogues, and churches that form its peak. House additions arch illegally over dim lanes. Donkeys clatter up and down stone steps. Questionably gotten though my gambling gains might be, they quickly proved invaluable when a street urchin invited me to the upstairs inn of his disappointingly homely sister. The money bought me pita bread, falafel, an orange, and a screened balcony to hide behind while the gang of British marines rushed up one alley and down another, in futile search of my vile carcass.

Meanwhile, Jerusalem worked its own spell. I don’t know if human history can soak into soil like winter rain, but the places I visited had a palpable, haunting sense of time. Every wall held a memory, every lane a story. Here Jesus fell, there Solomon welcomed Sheba, into this square the Crusaders charged, and across that wall Saladin took the city back. Most extraordinary was the southeastern corner of the city, consisting of a vast artificial plateau built atop the mount where Abraham offered to sacrifice Isaac: the Temple Mount.

Word of the astonishing Napoleonic victories in Egypt, the latest of which had been suppression of a revolt in Cairo, had shaken the Ottoman Empire. I knew, too, that Napoleon still hoped to eventually link up with Tippoo Sahib, the Francophile sultan fighting Wellesley and the British in India. The fervently ambitious Bonaparte was organizing a camel corps he hoped could eventually cross the eastern deserts more efficiently than Alexander had done. The thirty-year-old Corsican wanted to do the Greek one better by galloping all the way to southern India to link with Citizen Tippoo and deprive Britain of its richest colony.

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