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Princess for president pupil physique president, that's. it is all the fault of Princess Mia's power-mad ally and crusade supervisor, Lilly, who nominates her within the first position. this isn't how Mia imagined kicking off her sophomore yr, no matter if Grandm?re thinks ruling her highschool makes solid perform for ruling Genovia sometime. As ordinary, notwithstanding, Mia has larger difficulties to fret approximately. Sophomore Geometry seems to be simply as demanding as freshman Algebra, and a stunning B on her first English task has Mia reeling. And with Michael, her one real love, uptown at school, what's the aspect of even getting up for faculty within the morning? The final straw is what Lana whispers to her at the lunch line approximately what university boys anticipate in their girlfriends ... particularly, it is nearly greater than a princess in education can endure.

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But, Mia, you’re pure and good of heart,” Boris pointed out to me. In books like The Lord of the Rings, for crying out loud. That’s probably why I’m about to lose my boyfriend. And I think there are many historical examples of people who are very clearly NOT good of heart winning more elections than not. “You’re not going to have to lift a finger,” Lilly said, as Lars helped me into the limo toGrandmère’s . “I’ll be your campaign manager. I’ll take care of everything. And don’t worry. ” I don’t know why Lilly thinks her constant assurances that she has a plan are in any way comforting to me.

Harding? He’s a decent guy—about getting some extra help in his class? Or if you want, we can go over the chapter together on Saturday, when I see you. And how could your English teacher think you’re a talentless hack? You’re the best writer I know. And as for the student council thing, Mia, just tell Lilly you don’t care WHAT her plan is, you have enough to worry about, and you don’t want to run. What’s the worst that could happen? Ha. That is all so easy for Michael to say. And Mr. A decent guy?

And not in a good way. This can’t be a normal reaction. This has to be yet another genetic anomaly in my makeup, like absence of mammary glands and size-ten feet. I am totally lacking in the Do It gene. I mean, I WANT to Do It. I mean, I guess that’s what I want, you know, when Michael and I are kissing, and I smell his neck, and I get that feeling like I want to jump on him. Surely this is an indication that I want to Do It. In FRONT OF THE OTHER PERSON. I mean, unless you’re one of those Orthodox Jews who do it through a hole in the sheet like Barbra StreisandinYentl .

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