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By Delphine Dubos, Élyum Studio

The wind itself presents all of the strength the Eolians want for warming their planet, that is ever at risk of being lined through ice. yet every day the winds they depend on develop weaker—stolen by way of pirates, and not anyone is familiar with how. Can the Little Prince and Fox realize the true root of the matter and keep a complete planet from disappearing into darkness?

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He was the third of five children: Marie-Madeleine, Simone, Antoine, François, and Gabrielle. It was when he was twelve years old, during his summer break from boarding school, that airplanes and flying first made a huge impression on him. In 1920, he was accepted into the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris to study architecture, but the next year he joined the Second Aviation Regiment of the armed forces and received his pilot’s license. In 1922, he had his first plane crash, and suffered a head fracture.

Oh, we just want to talk about Zephyr and your little secret. . And why should I? 38 You seem to know all about it already, Little Prince, so you understand why my son must absolutely stop playing his music! I do understand, Master Eolus. But why refuse to let him realize his dream? Why should defending this planet be the job of your family alone? Share this responsibility with others and let your son follow his own path! And give in to his blackmail? You are wilier than I thought, Fox . . Why don’t you tell us the real reason why you refuse to talk about the Wind of Legend?

Me too! I want some fun . . The pirates are waiting for us. Come on. No, I’m learning to trust them. You’re abandoning your friends, now? This is our only chance to understand what’s happening here! Hang in there, Foehn! We’ll be back soon! 33 Without a doubt, it’s this machine that’s absorbing the air currents! Do you think the pirates have captured us to eat us?! It’s not likely they want to hurt us, or Foehn would never have joined with them . . think I even know who it is . . Your music is gorgeous.

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