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By Radcliffe G. Edmonds

The 'Orphic' gold capsules, tiny scraps of gold foil present in graves through the old Greek global, are probably the most attention-grabbing and baffling items of proof for old Greek faith. This assortment brings jointly a couple of formerly released and unpublished reviews from students all over the world, making obtainable to a much broader viewers a few of the new methodologies being utilized to the learn of those capsules. the quantity additionally comprises an up-to-date variation of the pill texts, reflecting the newest discoveries and observed by means of English translations and important gear. This survey of tendencies within the scholarship, with an up to date bibliography, not just presents an creation to the intense learn of the drugs, but additionally illuminates their position inside scholarship on historical Greek faith.

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I am the son of Earth and starry Heaven. Δίψαι αὖος ἐγὼ καὶ ἀπόλλυμαι· ἀλ‹λ›ὰ πιέν {ε} μοι κράνας ‹α›ἰ‹ε›ιρ‹ό›ω ἐπ‹ὶ› δεξιά, τῆ‹ι› κυφάρισσος. τίς δ’ {εδ} ἐσσ‹ί›; πῶ δ’ ἐσσί; Γᾶς υἱός ἠμι κα‹ὶ Ὠ›ρανῶ ἀστερόεντος. 1 BJ: PC, Comp. πιέ‹μ› μοι; Colli πιέ μμοι, Verdelis πιεμ{ε} μοι. 2 BJ, Comp. τῆ‹ι› : Z τῆ; BJ, Colli κυφάρισσος: PC κυφάριζος. 3 BJ, Colli τίς δ’ ἐσσί; πῶ δ’ ἐσσί; PC τίς δ’ ἐζί; πῶ δ’ ἐζί; BJ κα‹ὶ Ὠ›ρανῶ: Verdelis, Colli κἀρανῶ. ΔΙΨΑΙΑΥΟϹΕΓΩΚΑΙΑΠΟΛΛΥΜΑΙΑΛΑΠΙΕΜΕΜΟΙ ΚΡΑΝΑΙΙΙΡΩΕΠΔΕΞΙΑΤΗΚΥΦΑΡΙΖΟϹ ΤΙϹΔΕΔΕΖΠΩΔΕΖΙΓΑϹΥΙΟϹΗΜΙΚΑΡΑΝΩ ΑϹΤΕΡΟΕΝΤΟϹ B8 Eleutherna, 2nd–1st century bce (48 × 12 mm) OF 483 I am parched with thirst and I perish.

H. phil. Leiden. Amsterdam. Z – Zuntz, G. (1971) Persephone: Three Essays on Religion and Thought in Magna Graecia. Oxford. part ii Texts and contexts chapter 3 Text and ritual The Corpus Eschatologicum of the Orphics Fritz Graf introduction The books ascribed to Orpheus must have been legion already in the fifth century. 5 This sounds impressive, and in some respects enigmatic – and that is just Orpheus’ intention: all these, he says, are “frightful songs for mortal men, secrets without fear only to the initiates”:6 Orpheus is the Great Initiator.

See on the prooemium Luiselli 1993. 4 Orph. Arg. 35–40. 5 Orph. Arg. 40–46. 6 Orph. Arg. 10–11. φρικώδεα κῆλ’ ἐπίφασκον, θνητοῖς ἀνθρώποισιν ἄκη, μεγάλ’ ὄργια μύσταις. 53 54 fritz graf especially theogonic myths, mystery cults and their myths, from Eleusis to Isis and Adonis, divination and other crisis rituals, including the ritual address to the spirits in the grave. 7 Much later, the Lexicon Suda gives no less than twenty-three titles,8 although most of them rather shadowy and no more than a title to us.

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