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By James L. Nelson

Uninterested with an outlaw life, Calico Jack Rackam swears off the pirate lifestyles, till he meets Anne Bonny, a girl who could as quickly stab a guy as supply him an outstanding tumble—that is, except he is a pirate. quickly Jack reveals himself out at the excessive seas, with Anne through his part and his males spoiling for motion.

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The crew there was not milling around as the first had been; they were alert, small arms ready, unsure of the source of the gunfire down the trail. But they were only nine men, and ready as they were they were not prepared for the surge of running, screaming, crazed troopers that 58 | The Only Life That Mattered suddenly burst from the wood and rolled right over them. Mary saw one of her men fall, shot in the gut, and she dropped the shooter with her carbine. She whirled around, found herself staring into the short barrel of a pistol in the hand of a French artillery lieutenant.

She thought, but then they were at the edge of the woods. They plunged through the bracken, into the shade of the big oaks, collapsed to the ground, gasping for breath. Mary looked up, glaring at Frederick. “You . ” Frederick gasped, “. . don’t get all the glory . ” Before Mary could respond, a pair of troopers crashed through the undergrowth, and a second later another pair, as two at a time they crossed the open ground and found shelter in the trees, the same trees from which the French artillery was firing, quite ignorant of their presence.

You’re a respectable man now, Ben Hornigold, a right gentleman, and I wish you pleasure on your retirement. ” Hornigold took his eyes from the distant frigate, met Rackam’s. “Captain Vane’s ship,” he corrected. ” “If you’d have command of a privateer, Jack, you had best make your move, and soon. ” Jack smiled, chuckled a bit. “If in all the world, Ben Hornigold, there is but a canoe with a fistful of groats aboard, there will still be fellows such as us to take them. ” “Perhaps not,” Hornigold said, but there was no conviction in his words.

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