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By Colin Wilson

Colin Wilson's nice vintage paintings is a accomplished historical past of poser and "magic". His genius lies in generating a skilful synthesis of the on hand fabric; clarifying with no simplifying, seeing the occult within the gentle of cause and cause within the gentle of the magical and paranormal. it's a trip of enlightenment – a wide-ranging survey of the entire topic and an insightful exploration of Man's latent powers. Republished years after the author's demise and with a brand new foreword by way of bibliographer Colin Stanley, Wilson brings his personal refreshingly positive and stimulating interpretation to the worlds of the magical, the occult and the supernatural.
"The Occult is the main attention-grabbing, informative and thought-provoking ebook on the
topic i've got read" --Sunday Telegraph

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Something like this must have happened quite a lot because, when I got there, expecting a mass-meeting of the plutocracy, I found the usual contingent of ‘party people’. These are the people who for as long as I can remember have made it to every good party, no matter how far away or expensive, even though they never have any money. For security reasons everyone had to queue for entrance, forming a long line down a side street. I stood outside the door waiting for my companion. This gave me a rare and wonderful view of the celebrity guests, the super-rich and their various modes of behaviour.

One day, quite soon perhaps, the bubble will burst, the destructive, parasitical world economy will collapse and from the wreckage will emerge a pattern of small, locally governed regions, trading and dealing with each other and satisfying all the simple requirements of human nature. This is just a dream, of course, but that is all the world is anyway. The Newbury of my dreams Whenever I hear that most thrilling of carols, O little town of Bethlehem how still we see thee lie, I think of Newbury, Berkshire, in the early 1940s when I was a child.

Its pockets were distended and scorched as if a little pipe had been thrust into them. A fairy shoe, found on a path in West Cork, was also well worn though less than 3 inches long and not even an inch across. It belonged at one time to the author, Edith Somerville, who had it examined by scientists at Harvard. They were amazed by its minute stitches and eyelets and concluded that it was made of mouse skin. There is no doubt that fairies were once active and influential among us. Our forefathers decided we would be better off without them, but I am not sure they were right.

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