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By Liz Braswell

Chloe King is a standard lady. She is going to category (most of the time), fights together with her mother, and crushes on a boy…or . yet round her 16th birthday, Chloe reveals that maybe she isn’t so general finally. There’s the heightened evening imaginative and prescient, the great quick reflexes – oh, and the claws. As she discovers who she is – and the place she comes from – it truly is transparent she isn't on my own. And anyone is making an attempt to get her. Chloe has 9 lives. yet will 9 be adequate?

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Chloe: Ame and me are going to Coit Tower today. Wanna come? Paul: [long pause] Chloe: ? Paul: You’re not gonna guilt me into it ’cause I’m not gonna be around for your birthday, right? Chloe: :) Paul: *groan* ok I’ll tell Wiggins I got a National Honor Society field trip or something. Chloe: ILU, PAUL!!! Paul: Yeahyeah. Cul8r. Chloe grinned. Maybe her birthday wasn’t going to suck after all. She looked out the window—yup, fog. In a city of fog, Inner Sunset was the foggiest part of San Francisco.

Getting it out when she was any position but vertical was almost impossible. Text message: carluccis @ 7—a. Carlucci’s was the place she and Amy had first met when the Scotkins had moved into the neighborhood. Maybe she’d get some decent pizza today after all. The best part of her job was that Pateena paid her in cash under the counter at the end of every day. She’d have a whole twenty to blow on a Make Me One with Everything pie. The rest of the afternoon passed without incident, except when Chloe had to hide a pair of faded purple velvet pants she just knew Amy would love.

She was quiet for a moment. ” There was another moment of silence. Chloe stared at her empty plate, and her mother stared at her. Mrs. King readjusted her black-rimmed glasses. Chloe could almost see her mom’s thoughts tumbling around in logical lawyer circles: She should be dead. She’s not. I should be grateful. I’m angry with her. She’s not dead. Therefore she must be punished. “We’re going to have to talk about this. ” “Obviously,” Chloe said with heavy irony, suddenly irked. ” “So? You’re not.

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