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By Tess Whitehurst

The crucial Compendium of Flower Magic

Explore the sophisticated and eccentric realm of flower magic with eighty magical species, with ease awarded during this complete, different advisor! From African daisy to ylang ylang etc in among, The Magic of Flowers introduces you to the holistic and healing advantages of crucial oils, flower essences, and the blossoms themselves.

As manifestations of divine good looks and knowledge, plants give you numerous magical and non secular how you can hook up with them. simply because they live at the border among obvious and unseen, toward the etheric realm of natural strength, vegetation let you see into the guts of fact. track in to their specified vibrations and increase your healthiness, power, attractiveness, good fortune, own energy, and extra. Use plant life for aromatherapy, charms and rituals, natural potions, divine alignment, and to assist happen the existence stipulations you want. Spark your individual transcendent reports with those mystical beings, who can function therapists, healers, and emissaries of the Divine.

2014 COVR Award Winner

Praise:"With her light knowledge, writer Tess Whitehurst has crafted a stunning advisor to the area of plants and their energies and essences. This spell binding booklet is either a convenience and a joy!"―Ellen Dugan, writer of Seasons of Witchery and Garden Witch's Herbal

"Wonderfully researched, effortless to learn, filled with spells that extend past the straightforward "101" of many books. This publication has stumbled on an everlasting position on my "most used" reference shelf!"―Kris Bradley, writer of Confessions of a Pagan football Mom and Mrs. B.'s consultant to loved ones Witchery

"Tess Whitehurst doesn't simply write approximately flowers―she interprets their messages into phrases somebody can comprehend. this is often the single flower magic publication you'll ever need."―Deborah Blake, writer of Everyday Witch e-book of Rituals

"Thorough, deep, and multifaceted, The Magic of Flowers is a needs to for any healer or magical practitioner's shelf."―Clea Danaan, writer of Sacred Land and Living Earth Devotional

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