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21 Searching for Nessie 41 Did You Know? Using underwater microphones, researchers recorded unusual sounds in Loch Ness described as bird-like chirps, knocks, clicks, and turbulent swishing. 42 “A Triangular Appendage” Like the sonar evidence, Mackal’s recordings defied analysis. But they still did not provide proof of Nessie. And the Big Expedition was not alone in generating weird but ultimately useless information in 1970. As Mackal was setting his hydrophones in the loch, other expeditions were taking place.

Nothing was Searching for Nessie 49 Opposite page: This frame taken by an underwater camera in 1976 reportedly shows the head, neck, and body of the Loch Ness monster. The sketch below was added to make the frame clearer. 50 found, and the object’s identity remains a mystery. The blurry lines on the sonar reports did not create much interest in the press, and most journalists concluded that Operation Deepscan was a failure. Project Urquhart With morale hitting new lows among Nessie enthusiasts, it would be six years before another expedition would be mounted on Loch Ness.

London businessman George Spicer commenting on his run-in with the Loch Ness monster. 30 Months after it was shot, Dinsdale’s 4-minute film was released to the press and shown on news programs throughout the world. Some who analyzed the film, however, believed the object had the dimensions, appearance, and speed of a rowboat powered by a small outboard motor. While believers saw what they said was proof of Nessie’s existence, the film was largely dismissed by experts. In 1966, however, the controversy was once again in the news.

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