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By Sara Beitia

""We need to get to her first"" kidnapped? Runaway? homicide sufferer? Lily Odilonlocal wild baby from a middle-of-nowhere townhas vanished after spending the evening together with her boyfriend, new child Albert Morales. Suspected in her disappearance, Albert units out with Lilys prickly more youthful sister, Olivia, to find what relatively occurred to Lilyand to maintain the promise he made to her past due one evening. *** ""Reminiscent of John Green's Paper cities (2008), this noir mystery hooks readers with real looking discussion, totally fleshed characters and many twists. great to the final, sturdy page."" KIRKUS experiences ""A trip really worth taking."" PUBLISHERS WEEKLY ""In this debut suspense novel, youngsters look for elusive truths approximately Lily's kin of their small Idaho city. With a bankruptcy constitution akin to Paul Fleischman's Whirligig (Holt, 1998), the unconventional calls for readers to piece jointly entire photographs of the characters in 3 divergent tale traces so that it will achieve an entire figuring out in their plight.""SCHOOL LIBRARY magazine ""This debut novel boasts a powerful narrative force, deft scene surroundings, and is not undesirable at offering catch-your-breath suspense, either."" BOOKLIST

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He looks pointedly at her food, which after sitting out is pretty unappetizing, but she takes the hint and has another bite. ” He flinches. ’” He stares off into space, letting his mind wander a little. ” “I’d need a map to be sure, but yeah, we’re probably halfway between home and Yellow Pine Lake. ” He shrugs. ” She crumples her napkin into a ball, worrying it slowly to shreds. ” “Maybe not. But I think Lily would like it. X marks the middle spot on the ley line that runs between the two significant locations of the Cult of Lily Odilon.

So much had happened so quickly. More hours later, Albert’s dad got home from work and came into his room. He sat on the edge of the bed and Albert sat up, still dopey from sleeping the day away. “Your mother told me about …” He gestured vaguely. “About your girlfriend. ” Albert didn’t, but it didn’t matter, since he was pretty sure his dad was actually hoping they wouldn’t have to talk about it. His dad didn’t go for talking about stuff, especially the big stuff, especially if feelings were involved.

He knew this had something to do with Lily. He hadn’t cheated on any tests, hadn’t stolen anything or gotten into a fight—there was nothing else it could be. One of the men said, “We’re hoping you can tell us that, Mr. ” The guy addressing Albert was the taller one, who seemed older than the other guy. He wasn’t super-big, but Albert noticed prominent muscles on his forearms where his jacket sleeves were pushed up, and his neck was thick. He looked like a guy who never hit the gym, but instead got his muscle from his daily activities.

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