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Nobody from Winslow, Brown should be calling, but that didn’t guarantee anything. People in my line of work adhered closely to the saying that time-is-money, and the partners tended to view my time as their money. Not a single one of my vacations had gone uninterrupted since I’d started at the firm. ” asked Susan. “I’m sure,” I said, resolute. The ringing finally stopped, but a moment later Peter’s own cell phone trilled from upstairs. He twitched. ” his mother asked. “If Rachel can wait, I can wait,” he said stolidly.

It was the gossipy tone of a morning-after debrief. ” I shook my head to confirm this was true. “Not since she and Isobel broke up last fall. ” I asked excitedly, trying to keep my voice low so Abigail couldn’t hear me. ” Peter covered the phone’s mouthpiece with his hand. ” He took his hand away from the phone and spoke into it. ” I enjoyed listening to Peter gossip like this—it was a side of him I didn’t see often—and it was somehow comforting to know that a woman who looked like Abigail still needed reassurances before embarking on a new relationship.

I asked. ” Hilary and Iggie reached us where we were standing at the top of the steps. “Hey, Raquel, hey, Pedrolino,” said Iggie. “We were going to check out the buffet. ” He patted his velvet shirt where it strained across the beginnings of a pot belly. ” asked Hilary. “Not yet. We were just trying to find Luisa,” I said. “She’s over there,” said Hilary, gesturing to the far corner of the tent. Her height gave her an advantage when it came to locating people in crowds. “And it looks like she was right about not needing your help, Rach,” she added.

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