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By George Gardiner

LUST. LOVE. REVENGE. COMING-OUT. An emperor's look for love destroys the very individual he so much adores. Crime/mystery/romance old fiction dependent upon genuine occasions and characters of pagan Rome. Set centuries earlier than Rome's popularity of Christians, it truly is an period of intrigue, torrid kin, raging ambition, wild sensuality, & unconventional love. Caesar Hadrian's 'favorite' is located one sunrise underneath the waters of the River Nile. Is it a prank long past incorrect, a suicide, homicide, or anything way more sinister? Barrister & historian, Suetonius Tranquillus, & his courtesan better half Surisca are allowed days to discover the reality on discomfort of penalty. They become aware of greater than they bargained for ...

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Despite the Latin world’s prejudice against the pale eyes of barbarians, in Antinous they had an appealing impact. They searched deep into one’s spirit with piercing, enquiring but a friendly intensity. A fresh scar across his left cheek was the sole physical blemish in this flawless animal. Only the newest slaves at Court or students of the Imperial College on assignment as pages, with the occasional son or daughter of a senator, displayed such youth. Even guardsmen are all well into their mid-twenties by the time they are sufficiently proven to warrant duties for the emperor.

Yet with Antinous no beard was evident. Perhaps blond tones camouflage whiskers into an invisible downy fluff? As for a privileged swagger, the young man moved with calm discretion and polite modesty which belied the usual posturing of the Court’s inner circle. Suetonius noticed how the bustling retinue surrounding Hadrian unwittingly gave the young man a clear circle of space in unofficial acknowledgement of his status as Caesar’s special intimate. The lad’s height was balanced with a slim, sinewy silhouette.

After well-mannered farewells to his companions he retired to the House accompanied by a personal slave, five litter-carriers, and a hired much-scarred former-gladiator named Macro to clear his path and protect his person. Gaius Suetonius Tranquillus is a Roman knight of Umbria at the north of Italy, and a former private secretary to Imperator Caesar Hadrian. He has now reached an age where carefully husbanded wealth plus fame as an historical archivist provides the necessary comforts and interests of life.

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