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By Dave DeWitt

Who have been the unique Foodies?

Beyond their legacy as revolutionaries and politicians, the Founding Fathers of the US have been before everything a gaggle of farmers. obsessed with the land and the bounty it produced, their love of foodstuff and the artwork of consuming created what might eventually develop into America's different meals culture.

Like a lot of modern-day foodies, the Founding Fathers have been ardent supporters of sustainable farming and ranching, unique imported meals, brewing, distilling, and wine appreciation. Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin penned unique recipes, inspired neighborhood construction of beer and wine, and shared their enjoy meals with associates and fellow politicians.

In The Founding Foodies, nutrients author Dave DeWitt entertainingly describes how a few of America's most famed colonial leaders not just validated America's political future, but in addition revolutionized the very meals we eat.

Features over thirty genuine colonial recipes, including:

  • Thomas Jefferson's ice cream
  • A recipe for beer by means of George Washington
  • Martha Washington's fruitcake
  • Medford rum punch
  • Terrapin soup
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