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By Leo Frankowski

Oh, to be an engineer in a Leo Frankowski book--you've gotta be sincere and you've got gotta work flat out, yet not just do you get to be as impressive and wealthy as an astronaut, you get to drag down greater than your percentage of the women. (Hey, in any case these lengthy hours learning fluid dynamics and structures research, it is just fair.) again for an additional light-hearted yet rumination-filled romp, the cherished writer of the Conrad Stargard adventures turns his cognizance to a mythical nautical mirage, the Fata Morgana. Frankowski supposes the appearance may truly be the mythic Western Isles, which medieval mapmakers eliminate the coast of France, set adrift in an earthquake to drift the world's oceans for hundreds and hundreds of years. Fata Morgana's engineer-protagonists locate themselves, obviously, shipwrecked in this unusual island, a curious civilization of a few 12,000 humans mostly bring to a halt from present-day earth. Their tech point believably solutions the most obvious "what-ifs," with the islanders boasting complicated genetics and textiles (including an indestructible "Super-Hemp") yet primitive sciences and stunted social development in a different way. the 2 sailors create rather a stir with their SCUBA apparatus, cans of unsolicited mail, and big name Wars videotapes--not to say the truth that the uncooked fabrics on their yacht lead them to wealthy during this metal-starved land--and intrigue quickly ensues. A enjoyable ebook to ensure, with fulfilling problem-solving and unique principles, however the major character's never-ending musings on every little thing from why the govt desires us donning outfits to why a simply God cannot exist will both worsen or attraction you. (And contemplate your self warned: our leader hero truly makes use of the time period "Women's Lib" with a immediately face and is quickly to indicate he isn't "a f***ing queer!") --Paul Hughes

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Fresh-caught lobster is the food of the gods, and even picking up some sort of infection from a coral I brushed against didn't blacken my mood all that much. For a little while I felt better, and then suddenly I was farther down than ever in the depths of depression. Adam bought a case of St. John's Wort, and made me start taking it, but I didn't feel any difference. Sea sickness got to some people, and nine more of our crew left the boat at San Juan. We took on four thirty-gallon barrels of rum there, since rum sold for less than Coke, and Adam let me resume drinking, as long as I did it in public.

The good news was that as best as I could tell, my bones were reasonably sound, I could wiggle my toes, so my spinal cord was all right, and the cuts on my back were sewn up and bandaged. My groans must have attracted the nurse, because she came immediately. She wasn't the adolescent dream that my ex-wife had been, but she was nonetheless a remarkably attractive woman. She looked to be in her early thirties, with very fair skin and long, blond hair, held back by a jeweled clasp. She wore no makeup, but I caught a hint of a strange, musky perfume.

You're going to play politics when Christian lives are in danger? You know that I can't leave my post! Look! They're sure to be shipwrecked on our shore, near the Point of Avalon! The Shire Reeve there must be told first, so he can call out the Sea Farmers and the Fishermen! ” “All lives are in the hands of God, Aldrich, and God will decide whether they live or die. And how do you know that the people in that ship are Christians? ” “I warn you of the law, sister! When there is danger from the sea, the Reeve must be told first.

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