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The banjo may have from five to nine strings, made of gut, nylon, or metal, and plucked with either a plectrum or the fingers. The most common variety of banjo has five strings, which are tuned D′, B, G, C, G′ and plucked with the fingers. Frets indicate the stopping places. The banjo was brought by slaves from West Africa to North America, where for a time it became the traditional folk instrument for American blacks. At first used for folk songs, it soon came to be used by minstrel troupes and in vaudeville performances.

A folk instrument of the Ukraine, it is plucked with a plectrum and is used alone or in ensembles of two or more instruments. — r re¯′ä) Spanish. A kind of lute, bandurria (bän doo used especially in southern Spain and Latin America. It has six pairs of strings tuned G , C , F , B, E, and A, which are plucked with a plectrum. The bandurria is often used in bands along with several kinds of guitar. fig. 16 p/u from p. 29 banjo A stringed instrument widely used in American popular and folk music.

The other kind of pipe, called a drone, fig. 14 p/u from p. 22 plays a single low note. There usually are one to three drones. The air reaches these pipes in a steady stream so that they sound continuously. 22 Balakirev, Mily Alexeyevitch The bagpipe is a very old instrument, dating back at least two thousand years, and there are many variations on the kind described above, which is the bagpipe of the Scottish Highlands (the national instrument of Scotland). Most of the varieties found in Asia, North Africa, and Eastern Europe have pipes with a single reed and a cylindrical bore (the inside of the pipe does not taper).

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