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By John Daintith, John O. E. Clark

Encompassing each mathematical time period and thought of curiosity, The evidence On dossier Dictionary of arithmetic, Fourth version conveys details to scholars and common readers in a confirmed, available structure. This fourth version includes nearly 320 new entries, dozens of recent pictures, new pronuciation symbols, a listing of sites, and a bibliography. present entries and again subject were revised as wanted. touching on major info in a non-specialist demeanour, this dictionary is a useful source.

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If the surface is not horizontal, the pressure on it will vary with depth. The resultant force will now act through a different point and the center of pressure is not at the centroid. center A point about which a geometric figure is symmetrical. center of buoyancy For an object in a fluid, the center of mass of the displaced volume of fluid. In order for a floating object to be stable the center of mass of the object must lie below the center of buoyancy; when the object is in equilibrium, the two lie on a vertical line.

In the case of a body having a uniform density an integration must be used to obtain the position of the center of mass, which coincides with the CENTROID. center of pressure For a body or surface of a fluid, the point at which the resultant of pressure forces acts. If a surface lies horizontally in a fluid, the pressure at all points will be the same. The resultant force will then act through the centroid of the surface. If the surface is not horizontal, the pressure on it will vary with depth.

666, …} has a least upper bound of 2/3. 2. A bound of a function is a bound of the set of values that the function can take for the range of values of the variable. For example, if the variable x can be any real number, then the function f(x) = x2 has a lower bound of 0. 3. In formal logic a variable is said to be bound if it is within the scope of a quantifier. For example, in the sentence Fy → (∃x)Fx, x is a bound variable, whereas y is not. A variable which is not bound is said to be free. bitmap /bit-map/ See computer graphics.

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