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Father Arden bade me fetch you. " Gareth nodded and was about to follow Alric to the altar when a horn sounded from close by. Alric tensed. "The alarm. " He made for the courtyard. Gareth matched Alric stride for stride as they wound their way back through the bailey. " Alric shook his head. " He might have said more had the King of Kray not chosen that moment to come barreling from the castle. Kray's face was a ghastly shade. "'Tis Denmar. " 45 The Devil's Fire by Sara Bell Tristam came to stand beside them.

Denmar gave both Tristam and Gareth a nod of acknowledgment, but his soulless eyes remained fastened on Alric. " Denmar's sneer made mockery of the endearment. "When I came to pay my respects to you and Lord Lachlan, I never expected to receive a personal audience. " Gareth was about to say something, but Tristam gave a subtle shake of his head, the message clear: Denmar was Alric's to deal with. " Alric looked Denmar in the eye. " Denmar snaked his tongue over the top of his white teeth. " A muscle in Alric's jaw twitched.

Afterwards, Gareth went to work removing ten days' growth of beard with his dagger. He'd just finished shaving when the lead servant came back in bearing a trencher of food and a jug of wine. Once his belly was full, Gareth finally allowed the exhaustion of travel to overtake him. He stretched out nude on the bed and closed his eyes. He thought sure he'd fall straight to sleep, but the moment he sank into the softness of the mattress, Gareth's mind began to wander and sleep drifted out of his reach.

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