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The three conditions of apprehending our being as significant are as follows: 1) there is something which is apprehended, namely a content for consciousness which is identifiably reflective of our distinctive perspective; 2) there is something which apprehends, namely, a way of being conscious which authenticates our distinctive 36 V. Heyfron perspective; and 3) there is something on the basis of which we attach significance to our being. The first two conditions are inseparable from one another.

302. , quoting W. Pfleiderer, quoted in H. Eng (1957). The Psychology of Child and Youth Drawing. Humanities Press, New York, p. 58. 3l0p. , p. 20, quoting Jaensch, quoted by H. Read in Education through Art. Pantheon, New York, p. 5ΒΊ The Aesthetic Dimension in Art Education: a Phenomenological View VICTOR HEYFRON I The notion of aesthetic development implies the identification of appropriate criteria against which the teacher is able to evaluate the child's responses to work he has made, performed, or appreciated under the concept of art.

Existentially unless we are able to recognise the distinctive aspects of our being in the world, then there is no dimension on which we are able to experience our being as separate from anyone else's. This claim presupposes the uniqueness of beings other than ourselves. If we have no way of distinguishing characteristics of ourselves with which we identify from other people's distinctive views then we would be not only anonymous, but have no being to apprehend, or at least an impoverished one. It is comforting to share similar views with others, not because we are identical with them, but because our view tallies with another's distinct view, and this is a kind of validation.

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