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I didn't do anything," protested Thorne. "You don' have to do nothin'. " A footfall sounded in the covered passage, and a small woman came briskly down the shallow steps that bridged the space between the two floor levels. Ann Tomlinson had borne nine children and buried four of them, but she still had at sixty the energy of her younger son Will. She looked like Will. In fact, she and Will were exactly alike. But it was her older son Richard whom she idolized. She spoke to Millie, paying no attention to Thorne, whom her keen eyes spotted immediately.

Richard is not to be bothered today. " Kate came down the steps, her youngest son in her arms. She at least seemed glad to see Thorne. "Thank goodness somebody's here to mind Hughie. Take him, Thorne. " Kate, the second daughter, was married to Hugh Turner and lived three miles away on the Turner farm. Kate was the one whom Ann Tomlinson now called in family emergencies, her oldest daughter Annie having moved with her husband to Kentucky the year before. The family was at the breakfast table when Richard returned with the doctor.

Kate's oldest boy, Richard's two little sons, and Thornewere listening attentively. Will rose from the table and called to Jesse Moffat to come out to the barn when he had finished eating. Jesse, who enjoyed his meals and the accompanying family conversation, took another helping of fried apples and lingered, hoping to hear Dr. Caxton's verdict on Abigail. He was not disappointed. In a short time the doctor re- turned to the dining room, took a seat at the table, and immediately began upon the hearty breakfast set before him.

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