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By Craig Shaw Gardner

Occasionally no information is undesirable information. it has been two decades because the finish of the Cylon battle. The twelve human colony worlds are rebuilding, and the Cylons . . . the Cylons were simply too quiet. they're nowhere to be chanced on. The robot race that attempted to obliterate their creators has long past to components unknown in deep space.The aftermath of the struggle has created a brand new, unlawful occupation: scavenger. Tom Zarek is one, scouring the outer settlements for priceless Cylon applied sciences and artifacts and customarily returning empty-handed. yet now, he and the staff of the Cruiser Lightning have came upon the Omega Station, a systematic station shrouded in secrecy past the sting of charted house. this can be it, the large ranking, other than whatever is wrong…the base continues to be occupied, no longer via people by myself; through Cylons too!The Battlestar Galactica, one of many oldest warships within the fleet, gets the Lightning's misery name, a cryptic one-word message: "Cylons." William Adama, newly promoted to second-in-command, is anxious. such a lot of his staff are eco-friendly, new recruits, now not ready for whatever however the such a lot regimen missions. And, as Adama quickly discovers, this project is something yet regimen. Omega is certainly choked with Cylons, but in addition anything even more annoying . . .

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If you’re not the best of little boys… Athena’s voice shook him out of his thoughts. “Skeeter! Junior! ” New coordinates appeared on the screen before him. ” Skeeter’s voice seemed to echo as the third member of the team repeated the exact words a fraction of a second after they came out of his mouth. ” Junior asked in Skeeter’s ear. “I think I can handle this one. I have orders to detonate. ” He flew his Viper halfway back to the Galactica, with Junior Stith’s Viper flying at his side. Athena followed for a bit, then spun her craft around and shot a single, fine-tuned blast at the deadly derelict.

Remember. ” “Okay that, Captain. ” Nadu doubted they’d recognize society if they ever saw it. “Do your best. ” Nadu realized he was grinning. The feeling was even stronger than before. This would be the score. It would be a shame if they had to kill a few survivors to get what they needed. But this far out, who could get in their way? He hoped all of his crew had the stomach for that kind of work. He knew he could depend on the old-timers, but Zarek and a couple of the others hadn’t yet had their trial by fire.

Please move aside. ” “Display men—” Glori’s order was cut short as two of the Chef’s knives flashed forward, faster than she could see. She felt them plunge deep into her torso. Her voice was gone. The knives retracted. Without their support, her body fell to the floor. She was dimly aware of a great weight on her legs as the Chef crushed them in passing. She couldn’t see anything anymore. But she could still hear the Cylon’s fading voice. “Urgent recall. Do not interfere. ” Bailey watched from the safety of his office as his whole factory came to an end.

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