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What seems most likely is that they plan to send the galleys at the same time as the Black Army, to block our harbor and draw off our forces. We will not be able to flee over the water, if we do not hold the passage. " There was a glum silence, and then the talk moved on to a general discussion. The city fortifications, Alimbar reported, were almost completed. Within the city were Alhadeans from Nazar and Cissians and Bilakeans from the plains between Turbansk and Baladh, as well as the remnants of Baladh's defense, all experienced at fighting back the incursions from Den Raven that had become common over the past three centuries.

There is a summer house built entirely of jasper, which was made five hundred years ago solely for the recitation of a certain poem by a famous poet of Turbansk. In the Garden of Helian there is a beautiful house of red marble made by the Ernani Helian a thousand years ago, so he could study the stars; Bards still use it for sky-watching. On festival days the people of Turbansk can enter here, and they come in their thousands to marvel and to feast in the gardens. " He trailed off. Hem, dazzled by the splendors he was walking through, looked up questioningly.

Saliman paused, and Hem swallowed, the queasy fear of his nightmares rising within him. The two children had listened in silence as Saliman spoke, Zelika frowning as she tried to keep up with Saliman's Annaren. They watched as Saliman poured himself a goblet of water and drank before he continued. "We always feared that Imank merely prepared for the return of the Nameless One," said Saliman. "For fifty years we have been certain that the Nameless was in Den Raven, but no one in Annar would believe us.

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