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By Peter Kessler, Albert Uderzo

It is a consultant to the sketch personality Asterix and his adventures. It comprises information regarding the books, from the problem of translating them to the historical past of Dogmatix.

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I think he had in mind—well, I almost blush to say it, Doctor—someone like me. ” He coos into Leblanc’s fleshy ear. “And who better than Vidocq, eh? ” I’m sitting down before I realize there’s a chair waiting to catch me. “Leblanc was protecting me,” I say softly. “Oh, it’s all guesswork, of course, but I look at this. . ” His hand describes the length of Leblanc’s body. “I look at that. . ” His index finger glances down on the scrap of paper. ” I have only a very dim sense of Vidocq now, weaving round me in the darkness—until his hand lands with a light explosion on my shoulder.

On one side: the arms of France and the words SURVEILLANCE ET VIGILANCE. On the other: a single surname, VIDOCQ, in triumphally raised gold letters. “Signed by the prefect himself,” he says dryly. “If that eases your mind, Dr. ” It doesn’t, how could it? It only gives me leave, finally, to call him by that name. And still I hesitate. Vidocq. Say it, for Christ’s sake. Eugène François Vidocq. Come at it in pieces, if you must, syllable by syllable. Vee. Dohk. Vee. Dohk . . Ev e n i n t h e s e early days of the Restoration, it is a famous name.

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