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By Aristophanes

This version is written in English. even if, there's a operating French glossary on the backside of every web page for the tougher English phrases highlighted within the textual content. there are numerous versions of The Clouds. This variation will be invaluable if you want

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None: aucun, personne, nul. nor: ni. petty: petit, mesquin. prefer: préférer, préfères, préférez, préfèrent, préférons, préfère, aimer mieux. quibbles: chicane. wager: parier, pari. 32 The Clouds STREPSIADES. But what good will rhythms do me for a living? SOCRATES. In the first place, to be clever at an entertainment, understanding what rhythm is for the war-dance, and what, again, according to the dactyle. STREPSIADES. According to the dactyle? By Jove, but I know it! SOCRATES. Tell me, pray. STREPSIADES.

Embezzlement: détournement, détournement de fonds, malversation. goddess: déesse. greet: saluer, salues, salue, saluons, saluez, saluent, accueillir, accueillons, accueillez, accueilles, accueille. inflicting: infligeant. inhabiting: habitant. litigating: plaidant. moonlight: clair de lune. mourn: regretter, regrettes, regrettez, regrettent, regrette, regrettons. sacrificing: sacrifiant. thee: toi, te, vous. tortures: torture. wont: coutume. Aristophanes 31 SOCRATES. By Respiration, and Chaos, and Air, I have not seen any man so boorish, nor so impracticable, nor so stupid, nor so forgetful; who, while learning some little petty quibbles, forgets them before he has learned them.

Future: avenir, futur. hen: poule, poulet, poularde. instead: plutôt. lunacy: aberration, affolement, aliénation, folie. madness: folie, aliénation, aberration, affolement. ridiculous: ridicule. shaved: rasé. squander: gaspiller, gaspille, gaspilles, gaspillent, gaspillez, gaspillons, dilapider. wait: attendre, attendez, attendons, attends, attendent, attente. wash: laver, laves, lavez, lavent, lavons, lave, lavage, blanchissage. whom: qui. 44 The Clouds PHIDIPPIDES. % Alektryaina! Did you learn these clever things by going in just now to the Titans?

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