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Because of the importance that is now placed upon the Word of Wisdom, most members of the Mormon church are thoroughly shocked when they find out that Joseph Smith, the man who introduced the Temple Ceremony into the Mormon church, would not be able to go through the Temple if he were living today because of his frequent use of alcoholic beverages. " The statement concerning the glass of beer was obviously very embarrassing to later Mormon leaders, for in recent editions of the History of the Church it has been deleted.

58). In the Book of Commandments the Mormons were told to "consecrate all" their properties to the church, but in the Doctrine and Covenants they were told only to "consecrate of" their properties. " The change in the revelation was evidently made to cover up the truth concerning this matter. Fawn Brodie wrote that Joseph Smith set up an economic order in his church which followed with a certain fidelity the life history of the typical communistic society of his time.... Joseph issued a revelation setting up the United Order of Enoch....

Has suggested that it is possible that Joseph Smith edited the translation in its first published form and then later wrote down the complete translation as it is found in our present text. 155). ” 51 The Changing World of Mormonism 52 This explanation would also make Joseph Smith irresponsible, to say the least, because he did not put in "the little dots which indicate that one is making deletions" (a failure for which Mormons have faulted anti-Mormon writers). Furthermore there was no real reason to suppress 109 words from the revelation.

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