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By Justin Richards

Certainly one of an unique sequence for the 8th health professional. 19th-century growth has left Middletown at the back of and a crack has opened around the moors that the locals think reaches into the depths of Hell itself. just one guy can cease the burning.

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The Doctor asked. Surprised out of his brief reverie, it took Stobbold a second to respond. ’ he asked. The Doctor gestured towards the fire. ‘The sparks. See how they rise, carried upward on the hot air? They twist and turn, they collide and fall. ’ 47 ‘I see. You are comparing the way the sparks rise in this manner to the way that the snow is falling outside? ’ Stobbold nodded. wondering where this was leading. ’ ‘And differences, of course. One up, the other down. ’ The Doctor set down his glass on the table beside the chair.

I never met the gentlemen before today,’ the Doctor confessed. ‘Though they seem pleasant enough. This really is excellent sherry, you know,’ he added as if the whole conversation had been cautiously edging towards soliciting his opinion on the matter. ’ ‘You’re welcome,’ Stobbold responded mechanically. ’ In answer the Doctor leaned awkwardly to one side. Stobbold wondered for a second if he was about to topple forwards out of the chair. But in fact he was reaching into his jacket pocket with one hand, his other unwilling to relinquish the sherry.

From Lord Urton, I got nothing,’ Gaddis said slowly. ’ The Doctor nodded with an eagerness that contrasted with his slight frown. ‘From you. . ’ Gaddis paused, his eyes narrowing in concentration. ’ The door was opening, and the Reverend Matthew Stobbold welcomed them into his house. Both weary from a day’s travel, Dobbs and Gaddis took their leave of Stobbold and the Doctor almost immediately. Stobbold helped them with their luggage and Betty showed them to the rooms she had prepared. It was only as he returned downstairs that Stobbold realised that they had taken all the luggage to Dobbs’s and Gaddis’s rooms.

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