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By James Lowder

The dwelling lifeless rule the realm! From the battle-torn skies over global warfare I France to the corridors of alien prisoner-of-war satellites, from the opium dens of unique Victorian Shanghai to the residing rooms of suburban the United States, zombies stand up! they usually starvation. They crave revenge, or energy, or love. Others wish not anything greater than the brains of the residing. All pursue their prey with relentless steps. they can't be stopped. they won't be denied...

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I’m a fucking addict and I’ve made some bad calls, but I’ll make it up to you if you please, please, please make this thing go away. “I hate her, you know,” the child continued and Brett flinched, his shoulder blades attempting to force their way through the wall as if this bizarre scenario nullified their obligation to stay within their owner’s body. The child looked back at him. The motion was accompanied by the sound of shells being crushed underfoot as the ragged bones in her neck ground together.

Six of the dead moved awkwardly, like clockwork figures, simulating a variety of sex acts. In a palsied frenzy they thrust, collided, and thrashed clumsily, heads and hips jerking in a squalid dance. Then Shapera saw the choreographer of this carnal ballet: the priest, the man he had come to find, who was even now entertaining himself at the back of the room. A silver crucifix dangled from the man’s neck as he straddled the face of a fat Hispanic laying face up on a tabletop. The priest’s hands rested on the flabby gray-green meat of the corpse’s chest.

Don’t Not Quite Ghosts 51 worry. I didn’t understand either, until she used a clothes hangar to teach me. ” He slid to the floor and lowered his head, welcoming the darkness when he covered his weeping eyes with his hands. It’s not real. I’m not seeing her. He repeated this over and over and over again, sometimes aloud but more often in his head, where nothing could touch him. “Not to worry,” the girl croaked, and this time her voice sounded awfully close. ” Brett, braving a peek through the safety of his fingers, only saw her eyes before there was nothing left to hide behind.

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