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By Eireann Corrigan

A inner most academy. A cult chief. a woman stuck within the middle.

After Greer Cannon discovers that shoplifting could be a game and intercourse could be a superpower, her mom and dad pack her up and ship her off to McCracken Hill-a cloistered academy for youngsters. At McCracken, Greer chafes less than the flowery platforms and self-help lingo of healing schooling. Then Greer meets Addison Bradley. A good-looking, charismatic neighborhood, Addison turns out nearly as dedicated to Greer as he's to the 12 steps. while he introduces Greer to his mentor Joshua, she reveals herself captivated through the older man's calm knowledge. eventually, Greer feels understood.

But Greer starts off to query: the place has Joshua come from? What does he wish in go back for his information? The extra she digs, the extra his lies are uncovered. while Joshua's impact over Addison edges all of them in the direction of risk, Greer comes to a decision to confront them either. unexpectedly, she reveals herself at the outdoors of Joshua's circle. And rapidly, she discovers it isn't secure there.

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He pointed back and forth between us. I counted out how many steps it would take to cross to the door. ” Joshua sighed and grunted. He crossed his arms on the table and leaned in to talk to me. “I don’t know if you’re playing some kind of game with him, but you’re only hurting yourself. This boy drives women crazy. Insane. Addison, you should play her some of those voicemails. ” “See, that’s where you’re wrong. The happiness between you two — I have made that my business. There are plenty of beautiful things in this world.

Addison wrapped his other arm around me. ” I had questions. What are we? If I were to write a letter home to a friend I no longer have, what would I call you? I wanted to pull him close by the collar of his shirt and ask him before he dropped me off at the door. He bent his head toward me, but he didn’t kiss me. ” “Never,” I said, in the voice of the kind of girl who meant it. “Thank you for introducing me to Joshua,” I t old him. “Good night,” I said and turned quickly inside, glad that I had said it first.

The pictures Addison slipped under my door suddenly had lines written along the margins. N othing insanely saccharine. I carry you in my heart, he wrote once. Another time: This matters to me . 45 Since bowling, we formed what Sophie called our elitist clique, but she was only half-joking. It felt as if that night had counted as some kind of induction. I f elt close to everyone who’d been there. Sophie claimed it was Add and me. ” She spoke with her usual authority. “You two are easily the best cause on campus.

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