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By Caleb Seeling

Introducing a new sequence of motion Bible picture novels that includes vibrant new art from Sergio Cariello.

Even as God walked during the great thing about His new production, and breathed lifestyles into Adam, His masterpiece ... a warrior-angel supplies into his pride—and commits the last word betrayal. Witness Adam and Eve falling into Lucifer's catch, because the conflict for eternity starts off during this brilliantly offered retelling of construction, the autumn, and God's promise of redemption.

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Even Him. No one loses. it’s perfect! Please, Lucifer. Please, drop this. Don’t say any more. You know what I have to do if you don’t. But I’m sure He’lL listen if we alL show up together. How can He say no to thousands and thousands of us filLing His temple and spilLing out into the streEts? 46 Who would do such a thing? No one wilL folLow you. it’s madnesS. I am the light-bearer, the Morning Star, the great and conquering warRior! Who wouldn’t folLow me? Many already do. We neEd you. With the two of us leading the charge, how could He deny us?

We neEd you. With the two of us leading the charge, how could He deny us? Join us, my friend. it’s in your own best interest. 47 I’m done asking, Michael. Join us … Stop! You don’t know what you’re doing! … or get out of the way. AlL of you, please! Don’t do this. 48 We’re just here to talk, Michael. You have an army behind you, so I know you’re not just here to talk. This is an act of sedition! I’m sorry you see it that way. 49 50 51 52 53 Lucifer Lucifer . 54 Oh, my God… It is begun. It is begun.

His world is mine. and you will bow only to me! now, let’s go see what god’s prize is up to. 59 60 Bear. Sour. {grunt} Trade? 61 It is not goOd for the man to be alone. Flamingos. cows. Hyenas. Elephants. 62 Serpent. Ostrich.

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