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By Elizabeth Honey

In this heartwarming story of transforming into up, a group of local pals—Henni, Danielle, Zev, Frank, and Briquette, who name themselves "the Stella road Mob"—head off to Cauldron Bay for a holiday in an outdated seashore condo. while a brand new woman, Tara, intrudes at the journey, reveling in boys and classy models, the friendships start to get to the bottom of with new social demanding situations and pressures. This enjoyable and relocating tale touches at the struggles of being and the buzz of latest adventures and relationships nonetheless left to discover.

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You couldn’t see their bodies, just their heads sticking up like periscopes with beaks. When a wave was coming they’d dive at exactly the same time, and we’d watch to see where they popped up. They were so quick underwater, sometimes they surfaced a long way off. 38 There was a magic moment when they dived before a wave, and the wave rose up, glassy and see-through, and there in the wave were the two cormorants, darting along. Then Briquette ran as close to them as she dared, barking madly, and they took off from the water and flew away.

Then came ‘Put yourself in their shoes…’ Don’t you hate it when they do the persuade routine, and you know it’s already a done deal? I knew why they wanted me to agree – because I’m the responsible one. I’m always the responsible one. Danielle would be cranky about it, for sure. Zev would say ‘Fine’ and go and dam the creek with Hua. So who’s left to look after the poor lonely new person? Good old Henni. ‘Where will she sleep? ’ ‘Maybe. ’ ‘Good on you,’ said Mum, giving me a hug. ‘Here’s the money for you to phone Donna.

If we did anything SILLY our HEADS would be ON THE CHOPPING BLOCK and NO MISTAKE! A little skink darted onto the chopping block. Frank pounced on it, but its tail broke off and it escaped. 35 ‘That cost him an arm and a leg and a tail,’ said Zev. ‘He’ll grow a new one in a few months,’ said Dad. ‘You should study that when you’re a scientist, Hua,’ said May. ’ ‘Trust you to think of that, May,’ said Danielle. Dad gave me the job of the lamps. There were so many of them. The black crusted wicks wouldn’t light and the glass shade things were filthy.

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