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But cooking techniques and trends change all the time — especially given the current boom of food TV and the endless food-centered Web sites and blogs. If you’re cooking to satisfy a barbecue competition judge, you’ll follow a strict set of rules outlining what barbecue really is and is not, but if you’re cooking just to satisfy yourself and your friends, then the only rules that matter are yours. The recipes in this book pull some long-lost influences back into the barbecue fold and throw in some modern twists, too, by calling on a couple great chefs who know at least as much about how barbecue happens in Korea as they do about Carolina or Memphis methods.

12 Part I: Centuries of Barbecue Smarts in Four Chapters Barbecue spread westward across the United States, just like everything else, and morphed a bit along the way. ”) Holes in the ground gave way to homemade smokers cut from metal barrels. Industrialization brought nicely engineered and executed home charcoal smokers — and later, gas and electric models — into mass production. ) From its simple beginnings, barbecue has become, of all things, a sport, drawing competitors from around the United States to weekend contests where hundreds slave over mobile pits they paid thousands of dollars for in hopes of taking home a trophy, a small check, and big-time bragging rights.

This kind of fat feeds the meat moisture and flavor, giving it a toothsome texture. As animals age, they build stores of fat in their muscles as energy reserves. These stores show up as thick deposits in the meat, and they aren’t as beneficial as the thinner, more evenly distributed Chapter 3: Collecting Ingredients and Using Them Wisely 41 marbling that you want to look for. The veins of fat break up the strong, chewy muscle tissue and add juiciness as they melt during cooking. Fresher is better After meat is portioned and packaged, it’s delicate as a diva, easily falling prey to bacteria, unsavory flavors in your fridge, and oxidation.

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