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By Hugh Nibley

Hugh Nibley is likely one of the top identified and such a lot hugely respected of Latter-day Saint students. For over 40 years this near-legendary instructor has enthralled readers and listeners along with his encyclopedic wisdom, his wit, and his untiring examine in safety of Latter-day Saint ideals. you can now examine the transcripts of Dr. Nibley's Honors ebook of Mormon sessions that he taught at BYU in the course of 1988-90.
Semester 3 includes twenty-nine lectures targeting alma forty five via III Nephi 20. it really is classic Nibley, together with his insights, humor, and passionate convictions, discussing a publication that he loves and understands so well.

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It was sort of put down when he came out with it, but now it is fully accepted. The history of the world has been a series of regular catastrophes. Cyclical catastrophes can’t be avoided because their cause is from outer space. He says it was either the Oort Cloud and the Star Nemesis. We notice this in human history the same way. We go through a series of destructions; this is what the Book of Mormon is about. For example, this theme of destruction in 1 Nephi 1:4 comes out again in the Words of Mormon.

Of course, they do some very comical things. We know that some of the reconstructions of dinosaurs of 150 years ago look very funny now. That isn’t the way they looked at all. They didn’t have enough bones, but if you have enough to go on you don’t need too much. A skillful geologist or paleontologist can look at a bone and tell you all about the creature. It’s the same thing in reading the Book of Mormon. With a written document you have to go into it. Like the flight of the bee, the act of reading has never been explained.

When we pass through all that stuff, we get showered and plastered again. This is the picture, you see. There’s a dense cloud of comets that astronomers believe surrounds our solar system. Something could periodically unsettle that cloud and fling battalions of comets. It could be either Nemesis or the Oort Cloud. They don’t mention that here. [It could be] a star orbiting our sun, a tenth planet. Our planet moves periodically through a star-dense spiral. Between 35 and 40 million years ago, a well-documented chilling of the seas did all the killing.

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