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Franktalk refers to presentation without rancor of ideas or evaluations critical of the actions or viewpoints of another. An implicit convention governs franktalk. If this convention is broken, franktalk is ineffective and often counterproductive. It is therefore recommended that franktalk not be used unless one is sure that the convention holds. The convention is usually easy to establish by use of affinity makes or bridging (or both) beforehand. The convention is simply neither to take offense nor to give it.

It is defined and governed by a set of principles and policies called the Coach's Guide. Although superficially similar to some forms of psychotherapy, it is not psychotherapy. This point needs to be, emphasized. The basic goal of coaching is different and the staging 10 is different from that of psychotherapy. Just as Individual Synergetics promotes synergy and red es dysergy in individuals, so does Group Synergetics promote synergy and reduce dysergy in groups. Group Tracking is the basic technique.

The experience of thoughts racing along several tracks simultaneously can be highly exhilarating. The expansion of consciousness to include microprocesses in addition to orthoprocesses is well worth the effort, in our opinion. On the other side of the orthoprocesses are the macroprocesses — processes that go on so slowly that they usually escape notice, except for the vague realization that things have somehow changed. But they are there, and they are every bit as interesting as the microprocesses.

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