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By Karen Kingsbury

2008 Retailer's selection Award winner!In practise for his or her long-awaited marriage ceremony day, Dayne and Katy are decided to maintain the rite a mystery from the paparazzi. Their dating grows nearer and more suitable as they plan jointly, yet in any case it takes the aid of the Baxter relations and plenty of of the CKT children in order that they're going to actually have a likelihood at a personal marriage ceremony. John Baxter is overjoyed that his oldest son should be settling down a couple of miles away, yet he is not certain how any of his children will deal with a scenario he can now not run from—the emotions he's having for his buddy Elaine. meanwhile, the Flanigan kinfolk is suffering from their younger boarder, Cody Coleman, Jim Flanigan's megastar receiver. After an alcohol overdose, Cody fights for his existence. simply God's grace and a miracle can deliver him again from the edge of death—physically and spiritually.

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A burst of wind swept along the path, and Katy moved closer to Dayne. He was warm and strong, and the hint of his cologne mixed with the smell of distant burning leaves. The feel of him against her filled her senses. Even in the darkest days, when Dayne’s accident looked as if it would kill him or leave him permanently injured, Katy had always believed that somehow, someway, they would wind up here. When Dayne woke up from his coma, when God’s miraculous powers became brilliantly obvious in Dayne’s recovery, his doctor and therapist had never thought for a minute that today he would be well enough to walk around Lake Monroe.

The thought was overwhelming, more than she could comprehend. Not that she would change because of it. Her tastes would remain 12 simple; she was sure of that. But still, her new budget was something she’d have to get used to. ” She eased her arms around his waist. ” He came closer, his breath warm on her face. He worked his fingers into her hair, cradling her head with both hands. Smoldering desire filled his tone. Slowly, with a restraint that didn’t show in his face, he kissed her. Then he pulled back enough to see her eyes.

Jenny felt the sadness of the situation deeper than she’d felt it all morning. “Remember when we went around the table during Thanksgiving dinner? ” Again Bailey’s eyes grew dim. Her voice filled with fondness at the memory “Cody was thankful for our family and his future. ” “He wasn’t suicidal. Cody Coleman’s an open book. In the years 23 Since we’ve known him, he’s always worn his emotions for Dad and me to see. When he’s down, he tells us. ” She sighed. “Thanksgiving? ” Bailey released a long breath.

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