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By Colin Wilson, Damon Wilson

Over fifty of the main attention-grabbing debts of history's maximum unsolved mysteries.

Did werewolves roam the geographical region of 15th century France? What precisely is El Chupacabra, a creature whose identify interprets to “The Goat Sucker" in English? What phantoms and apparitions glide the halls of Borley Rectory, incomes it the nickname of “The so much Haunted apartment in England"? that includes maps, callouts, and proof that find those mysterious happenings, Strange is a groundbreaking ebook and the 1st of its kind.

In this riveting account of history's so much baffling mysteries, of the world's best specialists at the supernatural, author Colin Wilson and his son, Damon, look for the elusive solutions to the main difficult questions of the all time—from the destiny of Atlantis to the curses of the traditional Egyptians to the Bermuda Triangle. Dozens of mysteries, a few that experience wondered scientists and thinkers for hundreds of years, are accrued, illustrated, and defined during this captivating—and chilling—book.

Lavishly illustrated and expertly written, Strange keeps the Wilsons' quest for solutions to the good mysteries of the universe, taking readers on a trip past the mind's eye the place truth turns out stranger than fiction.

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