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It's a power fantasy most boys of that age have. Charlie doesn't have to wish. He can do it. "In other words, in order to stay in existence, gentlemen, we'll have to make damn sure we don't annoy him. " "Annoyance is relative, Captain," Spock said. "It's all going to depend on how Charlie is feeling minute by minute. And because of his background, or lack of it, we have no ways to guess what little thing might annoy him next, no matter how carefully we try. " "No," Kirk said. "He's not a weapon.

I believe in you. I trust you, I trust you! " Adams shut off the controls. The pain diminished slightly, but it was far from gone. "I give you credit," Adams said thoughtfully. "Van Gelder was sobbing on his knees by now, and he had a strong will. " "But . . what . . purpose? Your reputation . . your . . work . " "So you can still ask questions? Remarkable. Never mind. I'm tired of doing things for others, that's all. I want a very comfortable old age, on my terms—and I am a most selective man.

Like everything else, it takes practice. " This time was better. Kirk said, "That's it. " Ellis hit the mat, and was at once on his feet again, cleanly and easily. "I don't want to do that," Charlie said. "It's part of the course," Kirk said. "It's not hard. " He did a roll himself. " "No. " "You have to learn to take falls without hurting yourself before we can do that. Sam, maybe we'd better demonstrate. " "Sure," Ellis said. The two officers grappled, and Ellis, who was in much better shape than the Captain, let Kirk throw him.

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