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You’ve received the fundamentals of spellcasting down—now take your magical perform to the next point. become aware of tips on how to upload efficiency in your protecting and protective magic, therapeutic paintings, psychic improvement, and divination. forged profitable spells for romance and funds. upload lesser-known workings in your repertoire, reminiscent of sending out etheric tendrils, making a nocturnal servitor, and ethically practising climate magic. With handy “at-a-glance” correspondences and recipes for potions, incense, and oils, Spellcasting bargains functional assistance and methods that would perpetually enhance your magical workings:

love magic • familiars • distant viewing • scrying mirrors • merging with the weather • divination • psychic improvement • climate magic • therapeutic • protecting magic • astrological affects • safeguard • meditation • altered states • allies and helpers • funds magic


“A finished but effectively digested overview of magical conception and perform, including a few very precious recipes and rituals.”—Raymond Buckland, writer of Buckland’s entire booklet of Witchcraft

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