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By Anne Perry

In Victorian England, a divisive election is speedy coming near near. Passions are so enflamed that Thomas Pitt, intelligent mainstay of the London police, has been ordered, to not resolve a criminal offense, yet to avoid a countrywide catastrophe. The aristocratic Tory candidate—and Pitt’s archenemy—is Charles Voisey. The Liberal candidate is Aubrey Serracold, whose wife’s dalliance with spiritualism threatens his possibilities. certainly, she is likely one of the contributors in a late-night s?ance that turns into the swan music of a trendy clairvoyant who's came upon brutally murdered the subsequent morning in her condo on Southampton Row. in the meantime, Pitt’s spouse, Charlotte, and their kids are having fun with a rustic vacation—unaware that they, too, are deeply endangered through a similar fanatical forces soaring over the steadfast Pitt. . . .

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Cornwallis's lips tightened, but he did not ask why Pitt wanted to know. "Only what is public information," he replied. "Harrow and Oxford, then called to the bar. Was a brilliant lawyer who made a good deal of money, but of more value in the long run, a great many friends in the places that count, and I don't doubt a few enemies as well. Elevated to the bench, and then very quickly to the Court of Appeal. " Pitt had heard all this before, but it still concentrated his mind to have it put so succinctly.

A voice shouted back, to more jeers and calls of agreement. Voisey smiled, but the angle of his body was stiff. "But you're 27 SOUTHAMPTON ROW going to listen to me, because that's what you've come for! " This time there were no catcalls. Pitt could feel the difference in the air, as if a storm had passed by without breaking. " Voisey waved his arm. " There was a murmur of assent. " he went on. Again the assent, and a slight impatience. They did not under-stand the reason why he asked. Pitt did, as if he had already heard the words.

The noise was an assault on the ears and the mind, chatter, street cries of vendors of a hundred different articles for sale, the rattle of wheels on cobbles, the jingle of harness, shouts of frus-trated drivers, the sharp clip of horses' hooves. He would prefer Voisey to be as little aware of him as possible, although after their meeting in the House of Commons it could no longer be secret that Pitt was watching the campaign. He regretted 24 ANNE PERRY that, but it could not be undone, and perhaps it was inevitable; it just would have been better delayed, even a short while.

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