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By Jory Sherman

A uprising is brewing within the New Mexico territories. An Indian who rides with white men—a Navajo renegade utilizing the identify of a mythical fallen warrior—is stirring up worry and rage and bloodlust. below orders from President supply, Zak Cody—the enigmatic enforcer they name "Shadow Rider"—heads into the unknown to confront the killer and make issues correct. yet on bloody floor the place, with no intent or caution, an Indian raiding celebration has set upon defenseless sufferers, issues will not be what they appear. Cody senses snare is being set—and many extra, to blame and blameless alike, will die if he can't ward off the slaughter. His merely desire is to spring the catch himself, and if the Shadow Rider's loss of life is the final result . . . so be it.

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Zak said. He had been thinking about just that very question for a long while. Why did the Navajos kill those two soldiers and none of the others? Narbona had enough men to shoot every one of them while they sat by the fire. The soldiers were easy targets. Instead, he or his braves had sneaked up on the two guards, cut their throats, and taken their weapons and ammunition. If he was just trying to get arms, he could have had four more rifles and as many pistols. No, it didn’t make sense, unless Narbona wanted to draw the army out, make soldiers take to the field and come after him.

20 Jory Sherman “There is no need. ” “I must find men to help me tend the sheep. ” “I do not know. I must do these things. ” “Not today. ” “Ah, that will be very dangerous, Zak. You are one man. ” Gregorio asked. “I know what you are called, but who are you? ” Zak did not want to tell him much, but the man deserved some kind of answer. “You say, Gregorio, that there is no justice in the world. I am a man who does not believe that. I bring justice with me for such men as Narbona. ” Zak pulled the single cinch tight through the D ring, wrapped the leather into a loop, and ran the end through the loop and pulled it tight.

Yes, Narbona had felt safe in that place, but he had posted lookouts or guards at the east entrance and, from the dried-blood pools and the pair of fleecy hides, had butchered two sheep. He found a crumpled-up wad of paper and thin cardboard that told Zak what brand of storeboughts at least one of the white men smoked. He picked it up, smoothed it out, and read the label: Piedmont. He discarded the empty pack and climbed back on his horse. He estimated that the raiding party had spent less than an hour there.

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