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By Donald Tyson

New views on old Magic 

Reconciling magic with rational notion, recognized occult student Donald Tyson offers an exhilarating choice of essays that provide clean insights right into a wide selection of vital subject matters within the Western esoteric culture. in addition to sensible directions at the right casting of the magic circle and the makes use of of familiars, Tyson contains a new method of coin divination and an entire historical past of the esoteric ordering of the Tarot trumps. the following you'll study the hidden roots of magic—what it really is, and the way it really works at the inner most degrees of truth.

 • What esoteric power is and the way to take advantage of it
 • The arcane that means of the serpent of wisdom
 • The making and use of a ebook of spirits
 • the basic nature of religious beings
 • How we understand and engage with spirits
 • the reality approximately spirit ownership and why you mustn't worry it
 • the truth of vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and demons
 • A innovative manifesto of spirits’ rights

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