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T h e patient's responses to these interpretations were outright rejection as either quite inadmissible because wrong, or accurate but improperly arrived at in that I must have been using his mind (really his capacity for contact with reality) without his permission. It will be observed that he thereby expresses a jealous denial of my insight. 66. W h e n the patient said, after a pause, that he knew it would be like this, I felt on fairly sure ground in assuming 56 Second Thoughts that it was I who was unlikely to do anything in that session and that his mother was some person or thing who could have enabled him to deal with me more satisfactorily.

In consequence the pains of psychic reality are exacerbated by it and the patient who regresses to the paranoid-schizoid position will, as he does so, turn destructively on his embryonic capacity for verbal thought as one of the elements which have led to his pain. 4 Development of Schizophrenic Thought 1 42. In this paper, which must be regarded as a preliminary announcement, I do three things: (i) I discuss the point at which the psychotic personality diverges from the non-psychotic ; (ii) I examine the nature ofthat divergence; and (iii) I consider the consequences of it.

I had felt that "Nothing" was a thinly veiled invitation to me to mind my own business as well as a denial of something very bad. I continued, over the weeks and years, to watch his movements. A handkerchief was disposed near his right pocket; he arched his back— surely a sexual gesture here ? A lighter fell out of his pocket. Should he pick it up? Y e s . N o . perhaps not. Well, yes. It was retrieved from the floor and placed by the handkerchief. Immediately a shower of coins spilled over the couch on to the floor.

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