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By D. Michael Quinn

Utilizing Mormonism as a case research of the level of early America's reputation of same-sex intimacy, the writer examines numerous examples of long term relationships between Mormon same-sex and the surroundings within which they flourished prior to the onset of homophobia within the overdue Nineteen Fifties.

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Nelson, “ The Concept of God and Feelings toward Parents,” Journal o f Indi­ vidual Psychology 27 (May 19 7 1): 47-48, a study that found that 14 percent of 37 men (ages 15 to 44) preferred their fathers, compared to 59 percent who preferred their mothers. 17 . Daniel J. Levinson, Charlotte Darrow, Edward B. Klein, Martha H. 6 Introduction Levinson, and Broxton McKee, Seasons o f a Man’s Life (New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1978), 74; Youniss and Smollar, Adolescent Relations, 68, concern­ ing 500 male adolescents; see also Judith Arcana, Every Mother’s Son: The Role o f Mothers in the Making of Men (Seattle: Seal Press, 1986), 14 3 , who reported that “ about 1 percent of the sons described only good relations with their fa­ thers,” while the rest had distant or troubled relationships with fathers.

1978): 363, 366; 30 Introduction Zuger, “ Homosexuality and Parental Guilt,” British Journal o f Psychiatry 13 7 (July 1980): 55-56 , in which Zuger denies parental causation and assumes inborn causality. 6. Jeffrey Weeks, “ History, Desire, and Identities,” in Richard G. Parker and John H. , Conceiving Sexuality: Approaches to Sex Research in a Postmodern World (New York: Routledge, 1995), 34. 27. David M . , Lesbian and Gay Studies Reader, 424. 28. Blanche Wiesen Cook, “ Female Support Networks and Political Activ­ ism: Lillian Wald, Crystal Eastman, Emma Goldman,” in Nancy F.

That observation ignored the fact that heterosexual men also “ become highly responsive” to a woman’s breasts, which most men re­ gard as “ the primary insignia” of a woman. Either both equivalent behaviors are pathological or neither is, but it is fallacious to identify one as pathologi­ cal while assuming that the equivalent behavior is not. 0. The phrases are Nicolosi’s, whose Reparative Therapy cites Bieber and Bell, Weinberg, and Hammersmith about difficulties in father-son relationships for homosexual males, without acknowledging the significant percentages of “ father failure” for heterosexual sons in those two studies.

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