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By Ócha'ni Lele

Santería priest Ócha'ni Lele explains the perform and value of animal sacrifice as non secular sacrament. Describing the ceremonies in step by step element, he examines the metaphysics at the back of the rituals and divulges the deep connections to the odu of the diloggún—the resource of all practices during this Afro-Cuban religion. Lele additionally chronicles the conflict over the precise to perform animal sacrifice as a spiritual sacrament that went to the 1993 U.S. ideally suited court docket and led to felony security for Santería and its practitioners. This publication permits initiates to benefit right rite protocol; offers outsiders a glimpse right into a secretive global; and sheds gentle at the remarkable progress of Santería over the last 50 years.

". . . this publication is an absolute must-read! you'll find the following secrets and techniques by no means earlier than printed to the skin international . . . you just can't forget about this book."—(Aaron Leitch, writer of _Secrets of the Magickal Grimoires_) ". . . very invaluable to scholars of faith, heritage, and folklore, in addition to basic readers wanting to recognize extra approximately this complicated faith. it is going to be a welcome boost to educational and public libraries."— Cynthia Duncan, Ph.D., professor of Hispanic stories on the college of Washington Tacoma and writer of Unraveling the true: the glorious in Spanish American Ficciones

Tackling the most important controversy surrounding his religion, Santería priest Ócha'ni Lele explains for the 1st time in print the perform and value of animal sacrifice as a spiritual sacrament. Describing the animal sacrifice rite in step by step element, together with the songs and chants used, he examines the pondering and metaphysics in the back of the ritual and divulges the deep connections to the odu of the diloggún—the resource of all practices during this Afro-Cuban religion.

Tracing the criminal conflict spearheaded by means of Oba Ernesto Pichardo, head of the Church of the Lukumi Babalu Aye, over the ideal to perform animal sacrifice as a non secular sacrament, Lele chronicles the struggle all of the method to its 1993 U.S. best courtroom victory, which tested criminal safety for the Santería religion and its practitioners. Weaving jointly oral fragments stemming from the traditional Yoruba of West Africa and from their descendants who have been forcibly relocated to Cuba through the slave exchange, the writer reconstructs the sacred tales, or patakís, that show the well-thought-out metaphysics and spirituality in the back of the perform of animal sacrifice within the Santería faith. The patakís clarify why every one sacrificial animal might be considered as nutrients for either people and the orishas in addition to how the subject matter of sacrifice is relevant to this Afro-Cuban faith. laying off gentle at the impressive international development of this faith over the last 50 years, Lele's consultant to the sacrificial ceremonies of Santería allows initiates to benefit right ceremonial protocol and offers outsiders a glimpse into this so much secretive global of the santeros.

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